How to wear hair extensions to a formal event

Formal season is upon us and whether you are going to a school formal, a wedding or a formal event for the festive season, you can easily dress up or down your outfit with how you style your locks.

The lovely ladies from ZALA, an online brand of hair extensions sent us a set of their Remy clip in hair extensions to style with a few different formal looks. These are the highest grade of real, human hair that gave our model soft, shiny and silky locks!

These are our top 3 ways to style hair extensions with a formal outfit:

1. Accessorise


We love a good evening dress that wows a crowd (Diyanti Maxi Dress Nude Shimmer we are looking at you!), but we love it even more when the dress is accompanied by the perfect accessory. Headpiece’s are a great addition to a formal outfit if a necklace or earrings just isn’t working. We love the Isabelle Diamanté Headpiece styled with some loose waves in a side pony.

2. Sweep to the side


If you can’t get that seamless transition with your hair and your extensions then a side pony is your new best friend! Loosely wave your hair and pull it in a side pony, leaving some strands around your face. If you are feeling a little creative you can wrap a section of your pony around where you tied it to hide the hair band, and make the whole look more seamless and polished. This hair style works well with a sleek, stunning and versatile style like the Zephyr Midi Dress Black.

3. Pull it back


If you want to make your formal look a little more casual or give it that boho charm, twist two front sections back and secure with a bobby pin. This is a great idea if you have shorter layers at the front to avoid them not blending in to the extensions. The Maharaj Maxi Dress Navy is paired perfectly with this hair style for a  formal look perfect for summer days.

Now that you know how to style hair extensions for a formal occasion, ZALA are giving us 1 set of Quadweft Clip in Hair Extensions to give away to one lucky reader! Of course a look wouldn’t be complete without the perfect outfit, so we are throwing in a $100 BB voucher to make this the best prize everrrr.


All you have to do is comment on this post with how you would style your ZALA hair extensions for a formal event. Winner will be drawn 23/10/15.


  1. Taylor

    I’d wear my extensions in an upstyle. I have relatively short, thin hair so the extensions would add length and most importantly volume. I’ve always loved the Eva longoria inspired upstyle but you need fairly long hair, so I’d definitely opt for something like that 🙂 x


  2. Eliza Parker

    I would put my ZALA hair extensions up in a low ponytail and style them with thick beautiful curls! Rose gold accessories would complete this look along with a stunning BB dress.


  3. Jade

    The way in which I would style the ZALA hair extensions for a formal event, would be to wear my hair down and curled. On one side, the hair will be braided towards the back of the head. In order to accentuate this look, the ZALA hair extensions would be perfect, adding length and fullness to the hair, causing everyone to turn heads.


  4. Daniella Mascarenhas

    I would wear my hair in a high pony tail with my hair falling down my back. I would have loose curls and have a section of hair wrapped around the hair tie. This would look gorgeous with a long evening dress, especially on that is open or low backed.


  5. Emma Bergen

    I would love to wear them to the many weddings i have this year! They would perfectly accentuate the midi dresses I plan to wear for them. I would definitely wear them with a classic wave and a rose gold headpiece from Frankly my dear


  6. Bethany

    For my formal coming up at the end of this year, I’d love these hair extensions to give my hair a fairytale look. I’d sweep it to the side, and curl the ends. The hair extentions will give my hair the extra volume and length that it needs creating a look that would be envious.


  7. Celine

    For my school ball coming up, I would love to style the Zala extensions to create a sleek, long ponytail. I love sophisticated hair styles and the Zala extensions would add length and fullness to my ponytail 💁


  8. Sophie

    I would pull it back, that looks so cute! if I win this (which im dying to!!!) I will definitely use one of these hair styles to match my long nude dress for my formal that’s soon, fingers crossed! 🙂


  9. Nikki

    I am getting married in December and plan to wear my hair in soft curls half up with baby’s breath woven througout. Hair extensions are a must for my thin hair. They look natural and give my hair the boost it needs.


  10. MaCara

    I have super duper curly hair, so I would most definitely rock these hair extensions by wand curling them to match my loose 3c type hair texture for the Spring and Summer months. And I would also add a pretty flower headband to take the look to the next level. However, for the winter and fall months I would rock a sleek straight look with my knitted beanies.


  11. Ella

    I know its not really a formal event… but I’m starting a new school next year and I would love to be able to wear the NALA hair extensions on my first day for a little confidence boost! A gorgeous look I want to re create is the Blake Lively Fish Tail Braid 🙂


  12. Carli Firmston

    I used to have really long hair and always style it in different ways, then I got really lazy and just tied it up into a messy bun everyday, my hair started to get really knotty and as life went on I struggled in my last year of school and so did my hair. After months of tying it into a bun my hair became really matted and I couldn’t fix it. I also left school and became depressed. My hair was so bad that it wouldn’t go straight down it would stick out sideways. I tried brushing it but it was too hard and I left my hair matted in a bun for a year because I thought I could fix it. I thought of everything except cutting it off . I couldn’t take it anymore, I was envious of every girl with beautiful long styled hair and I finally cut off the matted bits and that left my hair extremely short and uneven but much healthier for me . It’s growing everyday now and I can’t wear it out just yet, it’s still very uneven just but I’m also a lot happier.
    For a formal event I would style my hair in absolutely any style because they’re all beautiful styles and I don’t know what having styled hair has felt like for so long. But just styling my hair out long again and feeling like myself would be amazing.
    Thank you for this opportunity and reading my story.


  13. Carissa wade

    Just bought my formal dress last week, it has a bit of bling on the chest area. So with my hair and the extensions I would keep it down, and pulled back with some super loose waves and maybe a braid to keep the framing hairs out of my face! To keep the hair simple so it doesn’t take away from the dress but still looks amazing! 💋


  14. Marie Castellano

    Depending on what I was wearing and how the extensions looked the most natural would be the way I’d wear them. I do prefer to have may hair pulled to the side for Race days as its easier to wear facinators or hats. You can do almost any style with extensions straight or curly even if very creative you can wear them up. They are fantastic and I would really love to win these lovely extensions from ZALA.


  15. Maggie

    I would love to have the ZALA hair extensions as a have an upcoming wedding (super exited) and my hair is fairly short and thin so it is hard to do a nice style rather than my usual straightened hair. I would love to try a curled pulled back look or even a curled high ponytail. The future awaits 🙂


  16. Sara

    Would love to style my hair the traditional way- big curls going down, my hairs short so the big curls don’t end up looking as good! Would love to try a pair of Zala hair as I’ve heard such good things about it and want to review them myself 🙂 xx


  17. Olivia March

    I would love to pair these gorgeous extensions with an elegant headscarf to bring in a bohemian vibe to a formal look. After shaving my hair to raise money for the leukemia foundation I realised just how much of a difference long hair can make to your everyday life and it would be great to be able to have my hair back for a while


  18. Georgia

    I would definitely style the extensions by leaving my hair out and pulled away from the face. This could be done with a feature hair pin on one side of the head and hidden bobby pins on the other, as it would be too much to have both sides sporting feature hairpieces. The hair would also be loosely curled, and because of the dramatic length, would best be worn with an open back dress (one that I personally own). A formal dress with a very low back would leave room for the hair to sit nicely on the open back. Paired with a clutch, heels and some killer jewellery from Beginning Boutique, the extensions will add femininity and style, perfect for an elegant night out xx


  19. Sherri

    I always struggle making cool hair styles with my hair because it’s just so fine and short. But my friends are having a New Years Eve party this year and I would use Zala extensions to style my hair into a full volume classic 1940s wave with one side pinned behind my ear to create that romantic “Blake Lively” like look. 🙂


  20. Keira

    I would curl half in loose, tousled curls, and then the other half would be pulled back in tight braids, to give that edgy undercut effect whilst not losing any of the feminine feel. Oh, and dont forget maximum volume!


  21. Sheryn

    I would style with a simple cocktail dress, classic pumps, earrings, clutch and finish with big voluminous hair like victoria secret. Bombshell hair all the way!


  22. Megan Sener

    I would wear a half up half down to show off the long luscious locks for the top half that I pull back I would pull it back into two waterfall braids and to finish it off I would wear the movida dress from beginning boutique 😍😘🙏


  23. Nimshi Tharika

    I have short and thin hair so the way i would style my hair for a formal event using the ZALA hair extensions is by doing mermaid waves since summer is coming up i think it will be perfect.


  24. Nicole

    Never had extensions but always dreamed of them!! Haha have always wanted to have it pulled back with the extensions flowing down my back and the hair on top of my head teased up ❤️❤️ Oh and have it all beautifully curled. Got a ball coming up so this would be perfect!!


  25. Jess

    If i could have long hair again I would style my hair very classic with a half up and half down style. A quiff will be at the top of my head which is supported by a bun, leaving the rest of my hair curled and falling down my back. I would love to match it with a dress just like the Diyanti Maxi Dress Nude Shimmer which would be so stunning together.


  26. krystinaanne

    I would curl my hair with the extensions to give it a fuller look and pin half of it up at the back with a nice Diamante clip to give a bit of interest to the back of my hair. This hairdo is simple but always classy


  27. Sinead Obrien

    I have quite thick hair already so extensions work perfect! Depending on the outfit I would either wear my hair curled half up as I would have lots of volume, or in a straight high pony. ❤️


  28. Paige Drewe

    Both sides of the hair would be in messy braids. Braids would then meet at the back of the head and would go in a luscious long pony tail (with zala extensions of course). To perfect the look, you must add lots of volume within the braids and the pony tail 😍😍 #perfectextensionlook #zalaextensions. This would be perfectly paired with a tan by the one and only ‘loving tan’. However to finish this impeccable look; one would need to have a spectacular smokey eye going on and of course some killer contouring.


  29. Tiffany

    I have a backless dress to wear to my formal, so with hair extensions, I would do a textured braid (which my hair is too short to successfully do without extensions). I would love to have these extensions for my formal!


  30. Lily

    I would wear them layered with loose curls so they cascade down my back which I think would look amazing with a backless dress. Also I’d put in a silver chain headpiece to give it a more boho look. And I’d definitely do this for the first time on the night of the event so people get a real surprise to see me with long beautiful locks again. I miss my long hair 😞


  31. Emma

    I would wear my hair extensions with a sleek high pony! The extensions would be perfect to create volume in the hair and a long ponytail suits any outfit, yay! 🙂


  32. Lindsey

    I would curl all of the pieces and then tease at the crown of my head. Then I would part off half of my hair starting at my ear and do a fishtail braid half updo sort of thing. i’d put cute little flowers in the braid and I’d pair it with a pretty yellow dress with flower accessories.


  33. emma

    For my school ball I wore my extensions curled and pulled to the side but I would love to wear them with the sides pulled back and have it all fall on my back


  34. Batsheva

    I would leave my hair down and use the extensions to give me a fuller and lushs look for a date night with a killer playsuit from BB and some extra volume(extensions) in my hair to finish the look off 🙂


  35. Kaitlyn

    I would wear my hair straightened in a tight, high ponytail – ideal for backless dresses. Would look gorgeous paired with a dark smokey-eye and nude lipstick. xxx


  36. Mabel

    I have quite thin and short hair, and I realise how I would love to be able to pull off an elegant and stunning pull back, with my flowy floral dress accessoried with a silver headpiece, charms on my arms and flowers placed within my pulled back hair to add to the styling of my dress.


  37. Ashlee Spencer

    To create a high ponytail, take a small circular base section in the position you want your pony to sit. Clip in the extensions in a circle around the base you have created as tight/close as you can. Once you have clipped in as many extensions as you want, pull the rest of your hair up to cover the clips and tie with a hair tie. Take a small section of the hair and wrap around the pony to cover the tie and fix with a bobby pin. Leaving a few strands out to frame the face is optional, curl these with a loose barrel tong, as well as the ends of the extensions and Voilà!
    A perfect seamless high pony perfect for a formal event.


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