How to wear hair extensions to a formal event

Formal season is upon us and whether you are going to a school formal, a wedding or a formal event for the festive season, you can easily dress up or down your outfit with how you style your locks.

The lovely ladies from ZALA, an online brand of hair extensions sent us a set of their Remy clip in hair extensions to style with a few different formal looks. These are the highest grade of real, human hair that gave our model soft, shiny and silky locks!

These are our top 3 ways to style hair extensions with a formal outfit:

1. Accessorise


We love a good evening dress that wows a crowd (Diyanti Maxi Dress Nude Shimmer we are looking at you!), but we love it even more when the dress is accompanied by the perfect accessory. Headpiece’s are a great addition to a formal outfit if a necklace or earrings just isn’t working. We love the Isabelle Diamanté Headpiece styled with some loose waves in a side pony.

2. Sweep to the side


If you can’t get that seamless transition with your hair and your extensions then a side pony is your new best friend! Loosely wave your hair and pull it in a side pony, leaving some strands around your face. If you are feeling a little creative you can wrap a section of your pony around where you tied it to hide the hair band, and make the whole look more seamless and polished. This hair style works well with a sleek, stunning and versatile style like the Zephyr Midi Dress Black.

3. Pull it back


If you want to make your formal look a little more casual or give it that boho charm, twist two front sections back and secure with a bobby pin. This is a great idea if you have shorter layers at the front to avoid them not blending in to the extensions. The Maharaj Maxi Dress Navy is paired perfectly with this hair style for a  formal look perfect for summer days.

Now that you know how to style hair extensions for a formal occasion, ZALA are giving us 1 set of Quadweft Clip in Hair Extensions to give away to one lucky reader! Of course a look wouldn’t be complete without the perfect outfit, so we are throwing in a $100 BB voucher to make this the best prize everrrr.


All you have to do is comment on this post with how you would style your ZALA hair extensions for a formal event. Winner will be drawn 23/10/15.


  1. chloebeginningboutique

    Thank you to everyone who entered! OLIVIA MARCH is the winner 🙂 Keep your eye’s peeled for another competition coming very soon! Team BB x

    1. Olivia March

      Thankyou so much to Zala and BB I can’t wait to get the extensions and of course style them with some gorgeous pieces from BB

  2. tia

    I think even straight & silky with the front swept back so it’s away from your face would look amazing!
    it’s elegant and looks amazing when you have the front back & out of your face because you’re also showing off your face as well as the gorgeous extensions!!
    but zala hair extensions are stunning and look good in any style! definitely the best hair extensions I’ve purchased & I have purchased ALOT of hair extensions!!

  3. Courtney Amelia

    I just recently had my Hens day on Saturday and I style my Zala Hair extensions as a trial for my wedding in 4 weeks time, with huge 1950’s curls to the side with one side behind my ear. It looked so elegant. So long and luscious. Can not wait to have fresh new extensions for my wedding👰🏻🙌🏼

  4. Kristin

    I would wear the Zala clip in and make them wavy mermaid curls swept to the side . This hAir style is elegant,classy and looks beautiful with long flowy hair 🙂

  5. Nora Maldonado

    I would love to win zala extensions especially since my hair is growing back after I received chemo. I think I would do big curls and pin my hair to the side. Something simple yet so elegant to match the beautiful dress.

  6. Tania

    I would do a half up do with loose curls and leave strands of hair out around my face. Also brush my hair with the extensions upwards to tease them and give more of a full look!

  7. Richelle

    I think I would definitely go with some loose curls elegantly swept to the side over one shoulder of a gorgeous maxi dress, nothing fancy I know but I’d want to show the extensions off !

  8. Ellamajenka Peckham

    So I have been looking at Zala hair extensions for so long and just saved up the money until last week $200 was stolen from my car but don’t you worry I’m still dreaming about what hair style I would do for my year 12 grad coming up. I would curl my hair into big curls before braiding in order to add the extra thickness and volume I desire, then I would pull my hair back into a suffiscated messy fish tale, as I absolutely love them, leaving some hair out at the front that is softly curled. Best of wishes to everyone xoxo

  9. Briana Garcia

    extensions give your hair a fuller look and of course add rapunzal length to your mane. To accentuate those features I would wear my hair down and do a loose triple barrel through my hair. The triple barrel is perfect for hair extensions as they make your natural hair especially if it’s an awkward shoulder length, blend naturally into the extensions so that you can’t notice wear your hair ends and extensions start. I’d finish the look with a side part clipping the front pieces of hair on the right side up with bobby pins, also hiding any view of the clips of the extensions. Xx

  10. Sabrina

    I would wear them in loose curls done with a 19mm barrel along with the hair around the crown of my head twisted back to create a goddess looking half up half down hairstyle as this helps to blend my hair together with the extensions. I would finish it with a zala headpiece.

  11. ssuleiman12

    Completely in love!

    Definitely will style these extensions by first curling each row in different directions to create that old Hollywood glamour style. Followed by brushing them out slightly and pinning them to let them set. Once set I will take the first top half and start breading it down as a bubble fishtail braid. Topping it off with zalas headpiece jewelry which is seriously to die for!

  12. Shona Elise

    I would wear my hair side swept in vintage waves with a rope braid down the other side. Vintage elegance with a modern twist.

  13. liz mekaio

    I love glamour any old Hollywood glam. So I personally would have my hair in a side part, curled, softly brushed out. And styled into soft vintage waves. One side swept behind one ear. And the the other side. For a elegant simple glam look. And just for a bit of fun and mystery.

  14. Twill

    I would love to win a set of gorgeous Zala clip in extensions <3 Since my hair is naturally thin and not very long I would leave it straight to show the whole wonderful length and thickness. Combined with a beautiful twisted half-updo I would create that unique touch that is necessary to completely rock my new extensions.

  15. tia

    I feel like with summer coming in that a nice updo with a few lose curls at the front of the face to make it a bit more girly would be great! & if you wanted, you could always add a gorgeous head piece to add more to the look!
    I looooove zala hair extensions & have been buying them ever since I moved to Australia! They’re great with any style or any look & are super great quality and last a really long time! & even if I don’t win this & to whoever is reading, I recommend you buy them because you won’t regret it.
    Good luck!!!

  16. Serena Freeman

    I am in need of some new zalas, I have blonde clip ins and black clip in from zala but my hair is now a chestnut brown, so I have been needing a new pair for a while, I had my formal over 10 years ago, I had it crimped hahahah horrible… if I had to do it all again, I would definatley opt for a bohemian style, I love the effortless look, a few twists and knots here and there, but otherwise I find I dont need to do much when I have all my clips in, I love how it looks with lots of volume and hardly done hair. I would love to wear a boho style dress from BB aswell they have so many to choose from. it is a one stop shop. xx Serena 🙂

  17. Deborah Miller

    I love braids and waves for formal events. I would style my Zalas with pulled, messy accent braids in front with waves in the back. 🙂 ♡

  18. Ayla Cardinal

    I would put the extensions in my hair then curl my hair loosely. Then do a waterfall braid around my head! These extensions look beautiful! (:

  19. Javy

    The quard weft was envented for a reason!, it was made you make anyone to look beautiful, the was I would wear it is in the style Hollywood wave, I think it would be the most beautiful and glamorous way to use it

  20. Melita

    Would for sure go for a fishtail to the side. I’d first straighten my hair and Zala extensions, then fishtail my hair. I’d tie with a see-through band and wrap the excess hair around it to give it a rustic, “knotted” look. Finally I’d pull at each segment of the fishtail; making my hair look larger and full of volume. I have attempted many times to do this with my normal hair but have failed due to it being too short and too thin to do anything with! 💆🏼

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