What To Wear To A Hip Hop & Soul Festival

If you’re lucky enough to be making your way to a soul, hip hop or jazz music festival this year there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing some of the most amazing, awe-inspiring music ever, and you will want to dance. You’ve got to make sure your outfit can allow you do get your groove on in comfort and still makes you feel fresh AF. Here are some festival essentials to make sure you can enjoy the tunes in style!

The Essentials


Stick to the classics with your favourite denim piece. No matter if it’s shorts, a skirt, overalls or jeans, these will compliment just about everything and are comfy enough to wear all day & all night. We can’t go past a denim skirt + crop combo!

Printed Top
Let your top do the talking for you! Pick your statement piece: a bold animal print for bada$$ babes, a statement tee for sass queens, or a vintage printed tank if you’re too cool for school. This season we’re all about statement tees to keep all eyes on you!

If you’re going to be dancing all day long, you’ve got to treat your feet right! Don your favourite socks + kicks for the perfect amount of cool to any outfit. We like to stick to the classics with a good pair of Vans.

Did someone say bling? Yep, this is the perfect time to go all out. Think hoop earrings, layers of bangles and rings, oversize sunnies and cute, statement bags. Accessorise your look your way – the bigger, the better!



Soulfest 2015 Giveaway

We’ve got double passes to giveaway to Soulfest 2015 in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland! Each winner scores a $150 BB voucher, so we can totally dress you up too! OMG, for real! Enter HERE.


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