Meet The Graphic Designer of BB’s Best-selling Prints

Some people can make a sack of potatoes look cool. Emily is one of those people. As one of BB’s Graphic Designers, Emily’s responsible for some of our best-selling prints, amazing product flatlays, our hilarious postcards and quotes, and our website’s visual content. Yep, girl’s got talent! Get to know her a little better below.


What do you love doing on the weekend: Relaxing = drawing, painting, creating, reading magazines, watching crime shows/mystery documentaries with my partner in crime (we’re addicted) & Saturday brunch is pretty much a ritual.

Can’t stop listening to: I prefer to listen to a whole album instead of just one song. At the moment, I can’t stop listening to The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Tepid Peppermint Wonderland and an all time fave is Tame Impala – Innerspeak & Lonerism.

Guilty pleasure: Anything sweet. But at the moment it’d have to be lychee bubble tea with pearls!

Biggest design inspiration: I’m inspired by everyday people & trends that are forever changing, however, I usually come back to music if I’m feeling uninspired.

Hobbies/collections: I like to collect memories. I have a lot of photos, gifts & jewellery from when I was very young up until now. I still have a gold bracelet that was given to me on the day I was born (it’s tiny!!)

Dream destination: The Greek Islands for the iconic white and pastel coloured buildings, crystal clear waters, scorching heat and delish food!

Can’t live without: I’m not a fan of my natural hair (frizzy curls :/) so I rely on my hair straighteners and sea salt hairspray.

Wardrobe must-have: a denim jacket and a good pair of boots!







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