Rich & Grace Are BB’s Own Kimye

Grace & Rich are BB’s own very own Kimye, except a little more English, a lot less “I’m going to run for president” and heaps more cool! A couple of kids that go together like yin and yang, these guys each bring something different to the team. Grace makes all the magic happen as our photographer, and Rich keeps BB running as our web developer. Take a peek into their lives and get to know them a little more:



What you do on the weekend: Relax at West End markets, coffee, fruit, and veggies. A little freelance photography and retouching.

Guilty pleasure: Jaffa Cakes

Can’t stop listening to: FOALS – new album ‘What Went Down’.

Wardrobe essentials: Black jeans!


Special talents: Catching food in my mouth (preferred arsenal: gummy bears, I try to avoid hard boiled sweets).

Hobbies: Playing rugby and eating, never really at the same time.

Cool quirks: My name is Dick Ball. Not sure if its cool, but looking forward to naming my own children!

Unique aspect of your life: I don’t think it’s unique, but my UK accent. Some people around the office like to remind me it’s my ‘unique aspect’.

What’s so unique about this? I say ‘funneah’ (funny), puppeah (puppy), rugbeah (rugby) and pumpkin but that just sounds the same to me, but they laugh anyhow.






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