There are some things you just can’t skimp out on in life. How many cheap pair of sunglasses have you bought per year only to spend your days lusting after really nice pair? Yep. Accessories are annoying to replace and a good piece should be able to last you for years. If the thought is daunting, don’t worry lady; we’ve got a handy guide for five accessories you should definitely be splurging on!


1. Watch
When you’re wearing a good watch, there’s almost no need for any other accessories. Round faces are the favourite, oozing timeless style and teamed with a beautifully designed strap they make the most Instagram-worthy accessory of all time. Invest in a simple yet stylish piece that matches your wardrobe and you’ll be wearing one for years. Not sure which colour to pick? Refer to our watch guide here.


2. Towel
A good beach towel is one you’ll be carting around on beach adventures for years. You’ll want one that’s big enough for two people to sit on, or one person lie on with room to spare (no one likes a sandy face). Best of all, it can double as a picnic blanket or a couch throw which makes it practically perfect for festivals, the beach, picnics, or any road trip!


3. Sunglasses
For the best UV protection, pick something with category 3 lenses or something polarised for glare. Which shape should you get? Oval face shapes suit most styles, square face suit curvier frames, round faces should try geometric shapes and heart-shaped faces should rock slim frames with curved bottoms. We recommend tortoiseshell frames for blondes and black frames for brunettes. Don’t forget a good case so you can protect your new baby!



4. Belt
Stick with the basics and you’ll be rocking a seriously sweet piece for ages. The best pieces will be able to fit around your waist and your hips, with a good sturdy body and a simple yet classically stylish buckle. We love a classic cowboy-inspired belt, with a vintage style buckle for effortless cool.


5. Wallet
You’ll want something that will fit in all your bags, fit your cards, cash and coins, and maybe even your lippy and keys. You’ll want something that you can access easily, something that’s not too chunky and most of all goes with everything you own! If you like carrying around everything, definitely invest in a long wallet with extra room. If you like to keep your cards and cash to a minimum, you could do a smaller, coin purse shape. Stick to your favourite neutral colour and you’ll be calling this piece yours for years and years!


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