Wrapped Dress 4 Different Ways

What’s better than one dress? How about one dress that can become a new dress every time? Um, YES please. The wrapped dress isn’t just for weddings anymore; this piece can be rocked just about anywhere and will soon be a staple in every lady’s wardrobe. Its extra long bust straps mean it can pretty much be tied one hundred ways.

If you’re totally clueless about where to start, never fear! We’ve got four beginner styles that are so easy you’ll be able to wrap them blindfolded. Watch the magic happen and follow the instructions below!


1 Tie straps at front and place over shoulders
2 Cross straps at back, tie, and bring to front
3 Wrap straps around waist and tie in a bow or knot


1 Bring straps over shoulders
2 Cross behind nape of neck and bring to front
3 Cross once again at the front of neck and put straps over shoulders
4 Twist straps together from neck to mid-back
5 Wrap straps around waist
6 Tie straps at front or back and adjust to desired style


1 Place straps over shoulders
2 Place right strap over left shoulder
3 Twist straps together from top of shoulder to mid back
4 Bring straps around to front
5. Tie at front or back and adjust to desired style


1 Place straps over the shoulders
2 Cross straps in back and wrap around the front
3 Continue to wrap straps around waist once more
4 Tie straps in a bow or knot and adjust panels to desired style

Don’t be afraid to get creative! The possibilities are literally endless with this dress. Get some style inspiration in our Wrapped Up range – and tag #teamBB on your Instagram pics to show us how you rock yours!

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