Meet The Team: Sarah (aka #GIRLBOSS)

When she’s not busy running the world (aka BB), Sarah is a regular person too! Take a peek into the home of our very own girlboss.

What do you do on the weekend:
I’m addicted to homewares and decorating and brunch at Hopscotch (my local cafe)!

Netflix and decorating!

Cool quirks:
Nelson (from The Simpsons) style laugh… probably not cool.

What’s around your house:
Love my new cactus friends, crystals and metal highlights.

Special talents:
Multi-tasking like an expert.

The sassy cat, Louie. (Check out his Instagram – @louie_bb)

Unique aspects of your life:
Running Beginning Boutique – I get to passionately chase creativity and living outside of normal scope!

Your wardrobe essentials

One Comment

  1. Marylen

    Hi Sarah! I’ve been following your blog and your Instagram. I am so inspired by your wisdom. I am about to start my online clothing business but don’t have much capital to start. Just wondering how much you pay for a model to model your clothes and the photographer? Also, what’s the best website builder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and you are so blessed!


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