BB ❤️’s YOU: Making Sure Your Piece Is Perfect


We get you. We know your dress isn’t just a dress… it’s THE dress that makes your birthday more memorable, or your weekend effortless, or like a movie star when you need to impress. And, we know it needs to be pretty much perfect.
That’s why we make sure it’s the best it can be before it even gets to your door.
We check each and every item that comes through our office. If it’s not perfect, there’s no way we’re letting it get to you. That BB tag means one of us has lovingly gone over your piece to make sure when you put it on you feel freaking amazing!
All this is totally worth it when we see you guys #teamBB on Instagram, and email or message us pictures in your BB items. We live for those moments. We live for you.
BB loves you!

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