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We think the world of our customers, we really do! We love getting to know each and everyone of you, and learning about your amazing stories. We recently had a wonderful encounter with one of our VIP customers, Kaylene, who touched us with her beautiful story and dedication to her charity work. Our customers inspire us everyday! We took five to chat with Kaylene about her charity – Wounded Heroes Australia. 
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1. What is Wounded Heroes Australia?

Wounded Heroes Australia is a registered CharitÅy, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office having full tax deductibility. Full DGR. 
We are sincerely known for being a Family of Volunteers, raising much needed funds to help support our Defence Force Families, for our Wounded Soldiers, who have, and are serving their Country overseas. 
We do this with crisis funding, with personalized support, and with a minimum of 92 cents in every dollar going directly to our Defence Force Families. Yes…92 cents in every dollar you donate goes directly to our families, or wherever it can help our families with Wounded Loved ones.
Families meaning every family combination, partners, everyone is inclusive. 

2. What is your connection to the Wounded Heroes Charity?

My Connection is only equaled to by my husband’s, as we share in this together, heart and soul. I am a Proud Volunteer, as is everyone in our Wounded Heroes Family of supporters and Volunteers. My Husband Martin and Myself have been given the honour of bringing awareness, and being at the forefront of helping to lead the way for Wounded Heroes. My Husband is our Volunteer CEO, and I myself am our Volunteer Marketing Manager. We were both given this privilege from our Wounded Heroes Founder and President, Mr Jim Shapcott, who started this humble Charity in 2007, and kept the dream alive, believing always, it was possible. My husband and myself wanted our lives to be more than wasted energy worrying about what we can’t change, and focus on what we knew we could give together, as a strong loving married couple. We just need to be side by side. We understand something of being a carer for loved ones, the suffering of life threatening illness, and the financial hardships so many of us encounter…this was not a decision that had to be thought about…our Hearts were already 10 steps ahead of us saying “We want to devote our Lives to these amazing Heroes”, and we wish we could stand and salute each and every one of them. 
We now know it is a reality… because; we may be classed as a Charity, but we are far more than this…as I said, we are a Family; and this is only from me speaking personally… I feel the word Charity can be used far too loosely these days. 

3. What does Wounded Heroes support?

Our Defence Force Families, children, and loved ones are suffering terribly after our Soldiers have Given their ultimate sacrifice, with absolute Pride and Honour, of Defending their Country and have come back from Serving overseas. Too many are coming back either Wounded or are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, and or both. They cannot resume any normal kind of quality of Life, and that is also said for their children and loved ones. Because we are personally involved with our Families; we are in a constant state of heart wrenching helplessness somedays, as many of these beautiful children are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress also, because they see their loving Parent, almost unrecognizable to them and suffering…some of our children we have witnessed their cutting themselves from such anxiety and stress, and thus being bullied at school because they just cannot adjust. They are our little Aussie Heroes, few and far between in many instances, because they are at regular schools, with no understanding from every day children, living normal lives. You are never the same, and will never be the same once you become aware of what is really happening out there to these true Australian Heroes, and their children, too Proud and so extremely humble, not wanting to impose on anyone, or ask for help. For far too long has this been hidden. 
Our Defence Force Families, Australia wide suffer from many day to day issues, as does regular families; but with a very serious difference. When their Loved ones do come back from Service overseas, injured from Wounds, and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, which is one of the most major of debilitating Wounds that you can’t see; our families need one on one understanding, compassion and trust firstly, and with many of our families having children, and the other parent needing to give up work to be home to take care of their injured loved one…financial hardship immediately follows. 
Wounded Heroes Australia steps in ASAP with one phone call from a family member. No politics, no paperwork. Within 48 hours we deposit crisis funding into their bank account.
We offer help with anything you can possibly imagine with living day to day.
Example… Helping to pay any household bills, mowing lawns, in house tutoring for the children, helping to pay school fees, groceries, medications, specialists doctors, pick up and drop off to school, help with Mums who aren’t well during pregnancy, helping pay for plane flights to get family of loved ones to them for help. It is practically endless. Our very own President just paid an Electricity bill that was over due, and power had been disconnected for one of our Defence Families, and he personally phoned the electricity company, paid their account, and had their power restored that evening at 10pm. I am in awe of him. We are constantly researching any break through on helping Post Traumatic Stress. I am currently looking into a treatment. 
Wounded Heroes did raise $60,000.00 to fully fit out and supply all the necessary Rehabilitation equipment at the Gallipoli Army Base at Enoggera in Brisbane. We may be a little more silent in our achievements, but our successes have proven to be growing in numbers, with absolute consistency and attention to the real issues at hand. We are here for our Defence Families 365 days of the year. We answer every phone call. 

4. BB recently donated a gift voucher for your recent Wounded Heroes Family Day, can you tell us more about the event & the outcome of the event?

Beginning Boutique, and your extremely generous Gift Voucher Donation for our Wounded Heroes Family Day on the 14th March, gave us the quality of Business Support our Defence Families deserve. Through our raffles that day, you helped us raise much needed funds for deployment of our Troops… and equally important…their children, families, and loved ones. We are so grateful to BB, and we thank you for this opportunity. Our Family event created more exposure, that has now opened other exciting new doors for us. It allowed a much deeper understanding of not only Wounded Heroes, but of us, in person also; who I am. My unfaltering determination and sincere empathy.
With the deployment of our Troops, we are starting right now to help our Families, by preparing in advance for what is ahead…for what this most certainly will bring upon our brave soldiers and their families. We may not always wake each morning and think about it…but the reality remains, whether or not we are in agreement, WE ARE ALWAYS AT WAR. 
For our Defence Families, there is no forgetting this; EVER; and this is why Wounded Heroes is solely here for them, and we will continue, humbly offering our help, anyway we can, in the True Wounded Heroes Spirit. As our Motto says…With PRIDE, PRIVILEGE AND HONOUR. 

5. How can people get involved in supporting Wounded Heroes? 

We have Full DGR…Fully endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office, meaning Full Tax Deductibility. 
This is a huge achievement, and no easy feat. 
For corporate Sponsorship Donations, we are the perfect Charity to be involved with, as now is the time, our Troops and their Families and Loved ones need our direct financial help, as there is no other financial support, which is the true, harsh reality. 
You can Donate direct through our online shop by either purchasing our merchandize, or by a simple cash donation which you will find there also. 
All links are below. 
We would honestly, simply love your support on our Facebook site. The more we can raise awareness, and the more Likes we can raise, this can change so much. Sharing posts, and spreading the word around, is the best way to let people know, you love and have heart in what you are sharing or telling them. Don’t ever doubt the power of words. 
A massive Thank you Beginning Boutique, for allowing me the Honour of sharing my Journey about Wounded Heroes Australia. I also thank you for taking such good care of me as one of your Customers, and I Loved being able to wear my beautiful blue dress in keeping with our Wounded Heroes Colours, on our Family Day. Our lovely young winner was so happy when she won your BB gift Voucher on the Day, as she was one of many, asking where I had bought my dress from!

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