Team BB Easter weekend


For some, the long weekend could be mean too many celebratory bevies teamed up with a traditional food coma, for others, it could mean going on an epic last minute adventure with friends! Whatever your long weekend brings, you need lots of outfit options!
We took some time to ask what #teambb staff are up to this long weekend, and asked them to pair their long weekend activity with their favourite BB outfit. 
Check out bellow our weekend plans! 

We would also love to hear what you are doing??
‘Im going camping this weekend! Let’s hope that the rain holds off.  But if not I have my floaty and book.  Can’t wait to just relax and explore Fraser Island more!’

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4 days to relax and recharge… what a treat! I am excited to get out of Brisbane and head south to stay at the beach for a few days. I plan to fill my days with beach trips (rain please stay away), hiking, waterfall visits and a day at Byron Bay Blues fest!

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My husband and I recently adopted an ex-training greyhound, Reggie (pictured with me here), so we’ll be spending the long weekend at home chilling out, which is pretty typical of greyhounds (and my husband, lol) :p

My long weekend doesn’t consist of any major plans but I will hopefully have at least one great sleep in. The rest of the time will be spent relaxing, having a few drinks while catching up with friends and eating delicious food. If the weather clears up I may even try to add in a sneaky beach trip!

I am looking forward to enjoying good food, good company & beautiful surroundings… And hopefully a little road trip in the country side so I can get my nature fix! 

This long weekend I have my fingers and toes crossed that the sun will be shining so I can enjoy a relaxing weekend at Straddie with friends 🙂

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