Why did you choose these BB pieces to style on When Words Fail? 

We think BB have great affordable pieces that our followers would like. We had a lot of fun choosing the pieces to
style. BB have a lot of outfits that suit our style!

How would you differentiation your styles? 

We both are quite similar in style however there are little differences, for example Nicole loves to dress things down more wearing more converse and Birkenstocks where as Danielle loves to wear a little heel most days.

How can we tell you two apart? 

Easy! Danielle’s has shorter hair and I (Nicole) am slightly taller, plus we have certain freckles and moles that people tell us apart with. We think we look completely different!

Any exciting plans for When Words Fail in 2015? 

Yes! 2015 is a very exciting year for When Words Fail, we have a lot of travel planned and a few campaigns coming up

Do you prefer blogging or singing? 

We love both! We have been singing for longer, but in the last year blogging has really taken over. We haven’t done much singing lately at all, we miss it!

What is the best and worst thing about working with your

The best would be that we have such similar taste, we both know exactly what works best for our blog. We understand each other. The worst would be being sisters we are too honest with each other and fights can break out haha

What will you be wearing on New Years Eve?

Danielle: I’m wearing a sheer black dress I designed that my nan has made. Nicole: not sure yet! Ill decide closer to the day!

What is your go-to thrown on outfit when you are in a rush?

We both love a good midi length dress, or maxi skirt and denim shirt.

Do you guys fight over clothing? 

Yes ALWAYS! Because we have such similar taste we both plan on wearing the same things and fight over who gets to actually wear that particular piece.

Who decides what you post on Instagram? 

We both post on instagram, we usually just text each other the picture we are planning to put up, just so theres no arguments if one of us doesn’t like the shot being put up.

What are your top 10 picks from our BB exclusive range?


What are the 3 items in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

Danielle: White linen shirt, black suit jacket and denim shorts Nicole: Leather pencil skirt, simple white tee & plain black midi dress or maxi dress

What is your go-to fashion item for summer?

Danielle: White linen shirt
Nicole: Ripped denim shorts

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Nicole: Nothing beats Bali! Ive been there about 7 times and it never gets old! Danielle: id have to say Paris! I loved everything about it when I was there

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