ϟ Quick Q&A With Big Brother’s Aisha! ϟ

Ladies, let us introduce Aisha McKinnon – 2014 Big Brother contestant, one of the boys, and resident babe who she sent sparks flying with fellow contestant Travis. As the Big Brother Finale approaches, we asked Aisha a few quick questions on the goss. 

Who is your favourite person in the House and why?

Travi of course! He made my time nothing but positive and he was always there for me 100%, which is what you need in an environment like the BB house. We are lucky we had each other. 

Who do you think will win Big Brother this year?

Travi or Skye. 

What was your favourite themed night and favourite dress?

I loved the blue lace two piece set from the Masquerade themed night (worn by Skye). 

What are you excited for post BB life now?

Being in the Big Brother House had opened many doors for me so far with more to come… all very exciting! 

Get Aisha’s look here!

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