What is a #GIRLBOSS? A week ago I’d have pictured a sassy woman with big hair, big style and a big attitude who snaps her fingers in a ‘Z’ formation. Beyoncé, basically. Sophia Amoruso’s bestseller #GIRLBOSS changed all that. Don’t know who Sophia is? Does Nasty Gal ring a bell? Yep, she’s the Founder and CEO. She’s a social media queen and leader of an empire that began in her bedroom. So if you want to get a unconventional insight into ruling your world then take notice to what #GIRLBOSS has to say.
#GIRLBOSS is Sophia’s unconventional road to success… not that Sophia is the conventional type of person. Once upon a time she was dumpster diving for free food and gave up shaving her legs. She had a string of sh*tty jobs (although later, they saved her life), shop lifted, hitchhiked and dressed like she was from the 70s. Then one day she got a hernia and needed to pay for the operation. Hello, Nasty Gal was born on eBay.
This isn’t a step-by-step guide on building an empire – it’s advice from someone who’s been there, done that. It’s got unique insights into the fashion and business worlds. Sophia’s gonna dish out some harsh truths – like money looks better in the bank then on your feet (put down the sale shoes!), and what not to do at a job interview – but she’s totally going to endorse you doing things exactly your way. You’ll find other stories and advice from other successful #GIRLBOSS’s too. Girl power, amiright?
#GIRLBOSS is funny and exciting and smart. #GIRLBOSS is like the friend who convinces you not to spend $$$ on pants you’re only buying because you saw them in Vogue. #GIRLBOSS is part lifestyle of the rich and famous, part cringe-worthy Puberty Blues. That’s exactly what a #GIRLBOSS is – a journey to creating your own success. And that’s exactly what you can be.

Who runs your world? You. So be the best at it.
Grab your copy of #GIRLBOSS here! Don’t forget to check out our other books.
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