BB’s super stylist Chloe recently caught up with beauty vlogger and tanning guru Loz Curtis to talk about our favourite tanning brand; Loving Tan! Find out some of her top tips so that you too, can have the much sought after year-round Summer glow!

What is your favourite Loving Tan product and why?

My favourite would have to be the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark because it gives such a deep natural brown colour in one easy application. I prefer a mousse because they are quick drying and easy to use. It’s also handy to get even coverage when they have a colour guide like Loving Tan mousses to make sure you don’t miss any spots!

How do you prep your skin for your tan?

I use the Loving Tan Tan Removing and Skin Polishing glove to remove any dead skin, I find it’s best to do this at the end of your shower when your skin is most hydrated – you will literally see the dead skin cells scrub off!

Do you use a different product for your face and your body, or the same one?

Sometimes I tan my face, but when I do, I use a light layer of moisturiser first to prevent overdevelopment, but I generally like to have a darker shade of foundation & bronzers to match up my tan!

What do you look for in a tan?

The deepest, darkest natural looking brown colour I can get!

What are your tips for getting the right shade?

It’s really a matter of trial and error – if you’re really pale I would suggest starting with a medium to dark shade and once you become confident with that work your way up to the dark to ultra dark shades

What are your tips for making sure your tan looks natural and not orange?

Finding the holy grail tanner… Loving Tan mousses are olive based and contain DHA & erythrulose which is an active ingredient that eliminates any orange tones, whereas most other leading brands only have DHA.

Do you use different tans for summer and winter? If yes, why? 

No, but in Winter you do need to ensure you exfoliate your skin properly before tanning.

So whether you are as obsessed with tanning as we are, or you are yet to try going faux; check out our great selection of Loving Tan for everything you need for the perfect shade of bronze! Now you can fool your friends into thinking you have just gotten back from a holiday in the Bahamas!
Shop Loving Tan here

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