INTERVIEW: Being Cool with Ainsley & Ula

There are some who find cool and there are some who are born cool – and Ainsley and Ula were born in leather jackets, with insane hair and a penchant for slogan shirts with naughty words on them.
We chatted with our favourite babes from Sticks And Stones Agency about being cool on Instagram, their outfit must-haves and sh*tty movie reviews.
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ULA, 7 – @ulacoco

Favourite thing to do on the holidays?

Horse riding and playing with my puppy – he’s a fox terrior and his name is Jet. Mine craft is my favourite game to play.

Outfit of choice?

My leather jacket, white and black stripy tights and my Simpsons t-shirt!

Do your friends have Instagram?

Nope they are so behind.

What’s the key to the perfect post?

Having rad hair helps and an awesome tan and the best clothes!

What’s your favourite Instagram post?

Me and my stepsister laying on the grass and the one of my mum and me.

What is your favourite sport?

I like to play netball, I play any position.

AINSLEY – @sticks_and_stones_agency

Um, where is your jacket from?!

My fav PR company sent it to me for a shoot and I haven’t sent it back yet.. haha – it’s by Zhivago!

What are your favourite brands?

Definitely Discount Universe and O-Mighty… it changes daily. But they are two brands that I have always loved.

Your go-to outfit when you’re in a rush?

It’s always my white muscle with holes in it, and a bra without underwire for complete comfort. Or a leather jacket and leopard print jeans or plaid pants– I get dressed for Instagram hahaha.

Favourite Instagram-ers?

@fuckcherry and @thefatjewish are the only two that I always go back on – I actually look at them every day. Also @prettypukedood – it’s a little bit offensive haha. And of course @sebastienfougere and @ulacoco 😉

Who decides what you post on Instagram?

It’s a collaboration – either I will have an initial idea and Sebastien will improve on it or I will have to commercialise it.

Your most outrageous Instagram post?

It would be either the Barbie and Ken one reposted from @prettypuke dude but this one might take the cake – ‘carrot boner’ – just doing what bunnies do. The bunny one is my favourite!

What do you love to blog about?

We have done shitty movie reviews. We go Monday night because it’s the quietest and we want to go before cheap Tuesday. It’s now my favourite part of the job. We choose a movie title out of a jar and we go and see that. I start to feel guilty when I criticise people’s art even though I know they are still going to make millions… The reviews are really shit – not necessarily the movie!

Your favourite model you have worked with lately?

Sahara Ray is phenomenal – I could shoot her every day. We did a shoot with her for an LA online mag – ‘Live Fast Mag’ where we did a cool trashy motel shoot. We have behind the scenes polaroids on the blog aka ‘pornoroids’.

What’s happening in the future for Sticks And Stones?

We are definitely doing a YouTube channel next. A lot more videos – a weird film about a beard is coming out very soon – that will be the launch of our YouTube channel. We are going to do ‘live shitty interviews’ – interviewing corporate people as well as awesome people that we love. We’re in LA in November for more photoshoots – an anniversary shoot – something for that but mostly collaborating with photographers.

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