I want you to close your eyes for a moment and picture this – you’re at the front of the stage waiting for the next act. You’re squished against thousands of people – but there’s electricity in the air. The girl next to you glances your way. She says: “you look good, girlfriend”, because you absolutely do. You feel a sudden surge of excitement. You made it here! Suddenly, the lights dim and people begin to cheer – Outkast have just stepped on stage. Andre 3000 definitely winks at you and that’s because he knows how good you look. You laugh and dance into the night…

It’s that time of year when you dust off your gumboots and air out your tent – Splendour In The Grass Festival is coming to town! To celebrate one of Australia’s biggest festivals we’re giving away a $1000 festival wardrobe! OMG! Make those daydreams a reality – check out these stunning festival looks you can grab right here at BB:

Enter the competition through the link below! Don’t forget to thank us when you’re getting style props from Outkast. ♥

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