Style Challenge: Dressing On A Budget!

This week we had Prue from a Broke Girls Blog back in our head office to style a shoot on… yep you guessed it, bargain outfits! We all know that looking stylish on a budget is not the easiest task and the thought of bargain hunting often just leaves us feeling depressed with major wardrobe envy (hello Cara Delevingne). Fear not, however, because we are here with Prue and her top tips to help you stay in style without breaking the bank!

Challenge #1: Outfit Under $150

The first challenge was arguable the hardest; as we all know $150 doesn’t go very far these days! As Prue is Queen of looking good for less she was up to the challenge and paired our Manhattan Dress with the Therapy Malawi Heels and the Sabotage Shirt to create a bit of attitude! We love how Prue has combined two of our favourite trends (monochrome and tartan of course) to create an edgy look. Wanting something a little more classic? Ditch the shirt and you have a simple and chic cocktail-ready outfit!
Our Tip: When your funds are low a dress is a clever option, and will often cost less than buying a top and bottoms separately!

Challenge #2: Outfit Under $200

For our second challenge, Prue has gone for a fuss-free day time look; pairing the On The Run Jeans White with the Zeppelin Tee and Quay Charlie Sunglasses. One of Prue’s favourite trends this season is stripes and we agree that you can’t go wrong with a basic black and white striped tee.
Our Tip: If you can’t afford to buy a new pair of heels each season (we hear you), a pair of black strappy heels like the Malawi Heels are a classic must-have that will go with just about everything!

Challenge #3: Outfit Under $250

In our last challenge Prue had a bit more cash to splash which is why she opted for the amazing Faux Real Coat! Worn with the Team BB Tank, Dark Night Tights and Therapy Malwai Heels this outfit is small on effort and big on impact!
Our Tip: Black leather-look tights are soooo much cheaper than real leather, will go with just about everything and are comfy too!
We had a bit of a chat to Prue to find out more of her savvy shopping advice:
What are your favourite trends?
I have a worrying obsession with all leopard print, stripes and leather/leather-look. Coming into the cooler months I am excited to be able to layer up all my favourites!
What tips do you have for scoring bargains online?
It’s quite simple but I will always start at the sale section… You will be surprised at the treasures you’ll find! A great idea is to follow your favourite stores on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of any upcoming sales or available discount codes. There are also sites that provide discount codes and flash sales and as a student you get to make the most of UniDays (discount code site), which is dangerous… good dangerous.
Do you prefer to splurge on basics or statement pieces?
Basics make up my wardrobe and are definitely one of my favourite things to buy, however if I’m going to splurge it’s going to be on something ridiculous like the Faux Real Coat! So definitely statement pieces.
When you’re shopping do you think about what you will wear it with or think about price per wear?
Every time I shop I try to imagine the item with things already in my wardrobe. This way you don’t end up needing to buy a whole new outfit to go with your new piece of clothing! In saying that, if I am looking at a more expensive piece I think about price per wear and decide whether or not I’ll get enough wear out if it vs. the hefty price tag.

So there you have it, keeping on top of the trends without maxing out your credit card is totally achievable! Cause for a celebration? Let’s go shopping!!

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