The newest beauty brand to hit our virtual shelves is Loving Tan, and let’s just say, we are loving it! We thought we’d show you it’s super powers in action, and let the bronzing do the talking.
Loving Tan Picture Perfect Instant Body Makeup gives you no excuse not to say yes to last minute invitations for a night out. The airbrush velvety lotion will give you an instant sun kissed natural glow quicker than you can say “what should I wear” and dries in just 60 seconds so there is no waiting before you can slip into your party dress. 
For those who haven’t taken the leap of faith into the fake tanning world, Picture Perfect is a great starting point as it mimics your skins natural radiance and you can use sparingly or layer for a deeper colour. There is also three shades to take your pick from: Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. 
Most of us wear makeup to cover imperfections on our face and Picture Perfect does the same for our body by hiding veins, scars, stretch marks or even dreaded fading tan, giving you instant confidence!
Once you try Picture Perfect and realise you can’t leave the house without it, you will be happy to know you don’t have to apply it everyday because it lasts up to 3 days, but can also easily be removed with warm soapy water and a skin polishing glove. 
So the proof is in the pudding (slash pictures), you are going to need Picture Perfect if you plan on leaving the house this winter, and lets be honest… everyone looks better with a tan!
P.S we used Picture Perfect Dark for this uber helpful review, perfect for medium to dark skin tones!

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