Meet Essena + her top 10 picks

Over the past year or so, Essena O’Neill has been building, listening and engaging with an ever-increasing amount of fans, both on Instagram & her Tumblr account. Her philosophy ‘create yourself create your world’ inspires lots of young girls out there to take charge of their life and take positive steps to be the best they can be. Her tumblr includes posts about life lessons, health & fitness, fashion & beauty and inspiration. We are thrilled Essena loves BB, and we certainly love aligning our store to such a positive role model. 
We had the chance to learn a bit more about this fascinating girl from the Sunshine Coast, so keep reading below!

How did you get to where you are today (130k+ on Instagram and a cult like following on Tumblr)?
Quite simply, I chose to work on who I wanted to be, accepting and loving all of myself. Naturally, my world mirrored it. At the beginning of 2013 my personal instagram ‘essenaoneill’ had 3,000 followers from around my area and just “friends of friends”. At this point in time I had just turned 16. Between the ages of 11-15 I struggled with self esteem, self belief, height and weight insecurities, as well as general ‘anxiety’ of what others thought of me. Typical and horrifically common teenage issues.  
Through those years however, I learnt a lot about myself, and due to the conscious advice and support of my parents, I started to realise that what I was doing, “trying to be skinny to be happy” was extremely damaging. I don’t think I ever realised how bad my state of mind became. I was obsessed with counting calories, vigorous exercises and appearing ‘happy on the outside.’ It never really occurred to me that what I was doing was insane.  Having a negative relationship with food, with exercise,  with myself and with life in general could never make me happy, or feel valued
After a good four years of yoyo dieting, vigorous exercises and constant misery… I suddenly realised I needed to change. I realised that I was in charge of who I am, my actions, my reactions and my life. It was a gradual shift, but after time I realised the power of my thoughts. 
Otherwise, once I started FEELING good, I started exercising out of choice, eating moderately healthy and really enjoying life. I started opening up to myself and everyone around me. I decided to stop wasting time complaining, over thinking, and assuming. Quite magically everything started to change with my mindset … 

Sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it? Well, naturally friends of friends starting showing their friends of my ‘lifestyles, images, tips.’ People asked questions, then more questions, then more and more. So I made my Tumblr into a kind of fitness/wellbeing page. Gradually fitness accounts would post pictures of me working out, companies such as Lorna Jane endorsed my image. Slowly, but surely I started writing more and more about my life, the lessons I have learnt and how I chose my reality. From January 2013-July 2013 I had gained over 60,000 followers on Instagram and about 100,000 on Tumblr. I held a Self Belief Event, with over 100 beautiful girls from my area! Now I have created a platform where all of my thoughts and videos can be organised in hopes to inspire you to do the same. When you create yourself, you create your own amazing world.”  

How would you describe your personal style? 
Colourful and free!

What are the three items in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? 
Backless Maxi Dress, Bright Green Cat eye sunglasses and my black clogs!

Who is your style icon?

It would have to either the Olsen Twins or Blake Lively

What is your go to fashion item for summer? 

Colourful nail polishes (currently crushing on matte hot pink or baby blue!) 

What is your favourite quote? 

“Your life is your creation”

What are your goals for 2014? 

To continue living s life of choice. Maintain a healthy balance between blogging and my final year of school! 

What are your favourite items in store @ BB right now?
Feedback Crop Lace $59
Settle Dress $55
Dream Weave Playsuit $59
Piyama Jelas Dress $69
Tight Rope Top $49
Chantilly Bra Black $29
Wendy Playsuit Peach $68
Divine Skirt Peach $49
Hawaiian Maxi Skirt $69
Ginger Maxi $89

Thanks Essena, we wish you an amazing 2014!

Here’s some links to Essena’s blog & instagram:



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