Grace’s Oreo Truffle Recipe!

After our in-house photographer Grace made us these moorish treats we begged her for the recipe!!
Here it is – definitely worth a try 🙂
Chocolate Oreo Truffle Recipe
X1 Packet of Oreo Cookies
X1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250g
X1 Cadbury Chocolate 350g

STEP 1 – Preparation
Empty tub into a bowl and gently stir. Put to one side to soften.
OREO COOKIES – Finely crushed.
Break into pieces place all broken cookies into a plastic food bag, 
seal and crush the cookies. I like to use a wooden rolling pin 😀

STEP 2 – Method
Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs. Add a little bit at a time 
mixing into the oreo crumbs before adding more. TIP: Do not add all 
cream cheese at once.
Once all cream cheese at cookie crumbs are mixed, begin shaping 
your oreo truffle balls using your hands. Place Oreo Balls into cup 
cake wrappers as you go.
Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Break into individual squares and place in a glass or heat proof bowl.
Add boiling water to a saucepan and place on the hob at a low heat. 
Place your glass bowl with the Cadbury’s chocolate in on top.
Allow chocolate to melt stirring to ensure all square pieces of 
chocolate are melted. 

Using a teaspoon coat each Oreo truffle & finally decorate with 
chocolate sprinkles.
Enjoy x

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