Perfect Braid


How to create a braided headband:

Braided headbands are a cute hairstyle that is a simple but stylish way to add a little extra something to your look. A popular style amongst celebs & team BB are going to show you how we do it at our office…

Step 1 – Start off with tangle-free hair.

Step 2 – Tilt your head to one side & take a section of your hair from just behind your ear. Take approximately 2 inches of the hair & begin braiding toward your forehead taking 1 inch of hair at a time.

TIP: Flip your hair to one side with you head tilted to make braiding easier.

Step 3 – Controlling the thickness of your braid. This is super easy, just adjust the amount of hair you take as you braid. Experiment with changing the thickness everytime.

Step 4 – Continue your braid across your forehead gentling easing your head to the normal position as you go.

Step 5 – Finish your braid in the same position you started just on the opposite side behind your ear. Pop a few bobby pins in the hair braid next to your ear to secure it on position.

Step 6 – Lightly hairspray & your good to go with your BB braid.

Have a fun weekend everyone!

Love TeamBB xx

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