Splendour in the Grass & BB

So I had my first ever splendour in the grass this year! It was everything that I had been told; colourful, cold, crazy and MUDDY! I was devastated that Frank Ocean was not there 😦 Seriously, almost had a cry.

I have to say that there was an abundance of amazing music and I found two new loves – Deap Valy and Clairy Hairy and the Rackette’s.  Of course Flight Facilities were AMAZING!!!! Best act of the weekend.

I managed to wriggly my way into the front of Mumford and Sons, Jagwar Mar, Flume, Hermitude, Empire of the Sun, Clairy Hairy, Deap Valy, Waaves, Flight Facilities and more but I can’t even remember them all!

Anyway here’s some pictures for you babes 😀 xx S

1. All my little instamax pics.
2. Aiza and I with monkey, B1 and B2
3. OMG this hat 
4. Lover this Kaftan – at the tent! 
5. twenty three top and coffee!!! 
6. The awesome global village
7. Teepee Village – soooo cool
8. The best shorts out – so good!
9. my go to coffee place!
10. Rocking my team bb tee and the  skort. 

OK and all the rest hahaha 😀  x S

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