♡ Welcome to my Wednesday! ♡

Hey Guys, Sarah here.  Not sure if you know who I am but I own BB and run our Facebook.  Which if you follow you know I love Channing Tatum, kittens and pretty clothes! This is one of my first blog posts so I am excited to share with you one of my Wednesday’s working for BB! 
This Wednesday was a pretty fun one, hence the post, I met up with Chris from Pedestrian.tv, went for a little trip to the styling suite for Staple the Label and had a lovely breakfast at one of my fave’s 485 Crown St, Surry Hills.  I’m not much of a writer so I think it’s better to show it in photo’s. 
So here’s an explanation to the pictures below:
1. The cool as wall at the Staple the Label Office! I want a wall like this at BB HQ!
2., 3. & 5.  The gorgeous decor at the styling suite – how gorgeous! 
4. One of the Bespoke pieces from the Staple the Label MBFW this year – the only one of it’s kind!
6. My new suit from Staple the Label! 
7. Me in that gorgeous blue skirt 🙂 
8. YUM breakfast! Seriously delicious! 
I hope you find this interesting! I haven’t done a post like this before, so forgive my grammer and writing! 

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