Blogger Edit: Spin Dizzy Fall

Our gorgeous friend Emma from recently posted featuring BB, wearing the versatile Dynasty Dress $55, the Rope Me In Necklace $35 (other colours) and the popular Deathly Hallows Ring $54.90.
We LOVE Emma’s casual-cool style & seeing her rock BB threads. We caught up with Em to find out some fun facts we bet you didn’t know about her!
How did you get into blogging?
In 2009 I started a little vintage clothing business online and my blog was a place to document my adventures and behind the scenes. Since then it has developed into a personal style blog!
What’s your life motto/favourite expression?
I really like the quote “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”. I’m a bit of a dreamer myself but this reminds me to make things happen. Also I’m a bit of a Harry Potter fan and it was Dumbledore who said this.
What makeup can’t you live without?
I’m big on eyeliner!
What’s your ultimate comfort food?
Roast dinners or dumplings! Yummmm
Who inspires you?
Those who dare to be different. 
But also Miranda Kerr…
What’s your winter wardrobe staple?
A good pair of black jeans! To pair with all the fun sweaters of course!
What do you do to keep healthy?
Drink juice, don’t over eat at meals and soak up the morning sunshine.
If you came across a genie in a bottle, what would be your 3 wishes?
Private jet for life, a south coast beach house and a personal library constantly filled with all the classics and new releases.
What’s your fav pastime?
Reading & drinking by the beach
How do you balance work and play?
With all seriousness. Balance is key.



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