Interview With Aimee

Our babe model Aimee has been around BB for a while now, so we asked her to do a little interview to help you guys get to know her better. She is a super awesome drawer so she added a personal touch to all the questions.

A: I am excited about everything! Music, friends, camping – the perfect weekend
A: I can’t choose between Flume, hermitude, james blake, the rubens …arrhhgg
If Alt J is the mystery band then I would be most excited to see them. 
A: I don’t mind camping with a tonne of people, it creates a better atmosphere. As long as I can find my tent at the end of the night I will be a happy chap

A: Stand up paddle boarding for sure!

A: I love to run! I feel I work the hardest when I do. I have always been really sporty and I enjoy being active – Enjoying being fit is what keeps me motivated.

A: I used to be a die hard Napoleon Dynamite fan, so I think it would be awesome to meet Jon Heder – as long as I met him as Napoleon Dynamite hehe GOSH.
Love, Aimee

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