Beauty Review: Loving Tan

“Loving Tan is a breakthrough in the self tanning industry. Made by tan lovers for tan lovers, it is the first truly professional strength product available to the public. No other tan comes close”


Kate D from our customer care team here at BB was given the chance to try some of the products from this up and coming self tanning company. Kate raised her hand to be the guinea pig in testing these tanning mousses and innovative accessories. 
Here are her thoughts…
I began the tanning process by using the Tan Removing & Skin Polising Glove (rrp $24.99). This mitt was extremely effective at removing dead skin and making the skin smooth and ready for the tan to be applied. I loved the fact that it got rid of excess tan left on the skin without rubbing my skin raw. 

As recommended by Jo at Loving Tan I waited 1 hr after showering and exfoliating before applying the mousse. First I tried the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark (rrp $29.99) with the Deluxe Applicator Mitt (rrp $9.99). The applicator mitt made the tan so easy apply by simply pumping a few squirts onto the mitt then working it into the skin. I used a makeup sponge to apply the tan to my face and the Easy To Reach Back Applicator (rrp $19.99) for my back, something I have never seen before but something I wont go without again. It made the process so much easier without having to convince a friend/boyfriend/family member to help me out. 
This was the darkest self-tanner I have used yet it still looks natural which is what I look for in a tan. No other fake tan has given me that depth of colour with just one application. The smell was pleasant and the fact that I was able to dress just 60 seconds after application was a bonus.


The tan lasted a week without having to be exfoliated and done again. It faded evenly with regular moisturising. 
I also tried the 2 Hr Express Medium (rrp $34.99). This tan is perfect when those last minute plans pop up and your in need of some quick colour. I applied this tan the same way as above and showered 2 hours after application. This tan was not as dark as the  Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark however it gives you that subtle sun kissed look and would be perfect for those first time tanners. 
I have quite pale skin myself and I prefer using self-tanner rather than exposing my skin to the sun. I have tried many self-tanner’s on the market and I think Loving Tan produces a super natural looking tanning mousses that I know I am defiantly going to continue using. 
Happy tanning Ladies!


  1. Bridget

    The fast drying time sells it for me! I don't mind applying my own tan, in fact I prefer it, and I don't even mind the smell (although it isn't lovely) but I absolutely cannot STAND waiting for it to dry.

    I'm definitely keen to try this out!

    x Bridget

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