Dip Dye Hair Tutorial

A step-by-step guide on how to dip-dye your hair

written by Tahlia, resident Beginning Boutique and multi-hair coloured babe (pictured above)

You will need: Hair dye*, hair brush, a bowl, aluminium foil, towel and protective hand gloves. *I usually use Paintbox or Directions both you can get from hair salons or eBay in a massive range of colours 🙂
STEP #1 — First things first, brush your hair out… It doesn’t matter if your hair is wet or dry. I usually do it after I have washed my hair and it’s still a bit damp. Drape a towel over your shoulders for protective purposes.
STEP #2 — Separate your hair. I do the back first and just tie the two sides on top of my head. 
STEP #3 — Have the aluminium foil ripped up and ready to go. Depending on how much hair you have will make a difference to how much foil you need or how big the pieces should be.
STEP #4 — Grab a small section of your hair and place the foil underneath and paint on the dye. You won’t need to use heaps. One bottle of Paintbox will usually last me 4 or 5 dyes.
STEP #5 — Wrap the painted piece up in the foil. This is pretty much just to protect you and your clothing from being covered in dye.
Go through and continue this for the rest of your hair. Once I have done the back I usually roughly part the top of my hair and then dye each side. This process takes about 30min for me. 
STEP #6 — Once you have painted all of the hair you want dyed, leave it on for another 15-20 min. If you go over this time it wont matter too much.
STEP #7 — Finally rinse your hair under a tap until the water runs clear. Be prepared for colour to still come off your hair the first few times you wash it. I suggest using a towel similar to the colour you put in your hair.. Or at least not white!


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