Meet Tigerlily

This week we got to meet the amazing Dara Hayes aka DJ Tigerlily from in Surry Hills.Dara is a gorgeous DJ killing it on the Sydney scene and blogging as much as she can about life, gigs and her loves of all things music. I had the pleasure of taking some snaps of Dara in her BB get up and also had a few questions for the babe:

What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?

There’s two: first one being asked to play on one of the main stages at Stereosonic 2011 after only DJing for a few months. It was such an amazing experience being around some of my favourite acts and getting to work alongside them.

Secondly — playing as a resident DJ at the newly launching Pacha in Sydney at The Ivy. Pacha is over in Ibiza, New York and London and they are bringing it to Sydney and I have been asked to play in the main room there. It’s pretty exciting!

What’s your staple clothing item this summer?

Denim shorts — lighter acid wash – I have a couple of pairs, tiny wranglers, One Teaspoon and vintage. You cant go past a good pair of vintage shorts they are effortless and can be worn everywhere! I actually have a lot of shorts — classic and effortless. I’m all about using basics to pair back with rad, crazy, over the top pieces.

Favourite music festival?

Field Day — run by Fuzzy. It’s on the 1st of January, it’s a small 3 stage festival in the city in a park. It has a great mood, good music, good range of genres — dance, dub, electronic hip hop.

If I looked inside your fridge, what would I find?

Soy milk, lots of fresh fruit and veg, frozen berries, dark chocolate YUM, Gippsland yoghurt, sweet chilli sauce — lots of it and heaps of cheese. I’m not a health freak though! I love milo and eat peanut butter from the jar. Balance your diet but enjoy yourself at the same time.

My take away advice from this rad Aussie lady is love life, be inspired and aim to inspire others.

xx Sarah


  1. heidihuxley

    raddest of the rad! totally loving her hair, cat shirt, ripped denims all the way down to her booties!!! seems lik shes making just a big a statment on the mnusic scene as she is with that spiked hat!! meowwwwww


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