Girl Crush: Miroslava Duma

You may have already seen this cool cat about the fash traps but we can’t actually get enough of Miroslava Duma. Besides being stunning and Russian, this mini-me-(but highly proportionate)-sized style vixen packs a life-points punch! Even if its a punch to the knees (yowch- that would actually totally hurt). Like her well-placed metaphorical punches, there’s not a piece out of place with regards to her fashanz and styling.
Exhibit A:



Mmm colour fusion at its best. And that bob. Bobs so hot right now.



Daughter of a senator, friend to the fab Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya, mama to one baby boy
(boys smell – hats off to ya’ for that alone), writer, former editor of Haarper’s Bazaar Russia and all round babe-town – Miroslava is talent time on roids. Which, evilly, makes me hope she secretly has a bad habit, like nail biting. But she doesn’t. I googled it. Add totally groomed nails to her svelte-arometer. Seen here with her perfect pairing of paradoxical neons and parka:

Wah wah wee wah

And all this at age of 25. The future looks bright. The force is strong with this one. Insert here any cliche pertaining to future success and it would be true. We will gladly watch from the sidelines as this star rises. And the watching starts now. Here are some more aesthetically sumptious stylings to tantalise your fashion palette. Enjoys.




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