Meet Our Model: Tam

You know her face — big brown eyes, high cheekbones, pretty geisha lips… but what you might not know is that our lovely model Tam hails from a far off land, works two other jobs, has a degree and loves a good book! We sat down following todays shoot to paint nails – her painting was much neater :/ – and chat life…

BB: Hey Tam, thanks again for another great shoot today! From our little chats on set I have gathered you’ve got a pretty amazing life story. What else do you do outside of modeling?
T: Well I work in a restaurant and as a make-up artist.

BB: Sounds like you’re a jack of all trades! So, tell me about you and modelling…
T: Well, before coming to Australia I had a contract in Thailand for three years with a Thai agency where I worked while I studied. I moved to Australia from Bang Kok after graduating from University and I’ve modeled here ever since.

BB: Busy lady! So what did you study?
T: A bachelor of Arts majoring in communication and advertising. I would really like to work in advertising more and even being apart of making movies.

BB: Is that something you always wanted to do?
T: Yes, when I was younger I did a lot of pageants. I was a beauty queen back in Thai! haha!

BB: We have a beauty queen in the house!?
T: Yes, there are a lot of pageants in Thai, so at the age of 14 I started competing and I used the money to save up so I wouldn’t need to borrow money from my parents to study. I used to work as a freelance model and an MC for events back home. There are so many beauty contests in Thai. I even competed and won in Miss Universe Thailand.

BB: Wah wah wee wah! Girls got it going on! haha! So do you miss Thailand a lot?
T: Well there is lots of shopping there, all the time! 24 hours a day! You can go shopping at 5am, even 4am in the morning and shop through the day and night and still not be done!

BB: Haha! I think I would be done, probably comatose from way too many fashion choices in one day!
T: Yes, there is so much variety – not just clothing, but anything you want. But there are a lot of people, and pollution. Many many tuk tuks and motorcylces.

BB: Do you miss the Thai food and atmosphere?
T: I love all the spicy thai dishes, Paw Paw Salad is my favourite. But I really love being in Australia, there is a lot of pollution and traffic in Thailand. About 7 hours out of the city there are amazing spas and beaches though. But be careful as a tourist, you can definitely get ripped off!

BB: Well there’s a bit of local knowledge for the BB girls! What’s some of the things you love doing here in Australia?
T: Well I am actually really shy so…

BB: Hold on, you’re not that shy! I see you working it in the BB shoots, you are totally sassy!
T: yeah, well I guess for work you just have to be out going and around people. But in my free time I like to draw, listen to music, read books.

BB: Have you been to see many bands here in Australia?
T: No, I think I would die from being around so many people. Crowds are too much for me.

BB: Oh, yeah. I get that. But I love bands so much. Is there a big music scene in Thailand?
T: Yeah, so many bands play. But I wouldn’t go see them there either ha!

BB: Finally Tam, what advice would you give young women about life or career or choices…
T: Well, I can’t really give advice because I have made mistakes too. But I guess it’s just important to do what you want. What makes you happy is important. Make your own decisions instead of making decisions based on what your friends or parents say. Its important to know yourself.


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