Meet Our Model: Brittney

Meet Brittney – you may have seen her and her gorgeous gold locks on our new arrivals page tonight.
She’s one of the new faces of Beginning Boutique and we thought we’d get to know her outside of the photo studio. Libby got the chance to sit down with Brittney and find out what inspires her. makes her laugh and what trends she is currently crushing on.

L: Hey Brittney, tell me, you’re a born and bred brissy girl yes?
B: Yep!
L: So, do you have favourite local spots?
B: Oh, my god these are hard questions!
L: Haha. Ok, what would be a perfect Sunday afternoon for you?
B: Oh, I love a good picnic. New Farm Park is a great picnic location. Ooh and
brunch at French Twist is always great.
L: Here’s an easy pick: Leonardo or Joseph Gordon Levitt?
B: Well, I don’t know who Joseph is…. so I would have to say Leonardo.
L: You’re probably onto a winner there. If you could sit with a younger version of
yourself, what advice would you give you regarding the opposite sex?
B: Umm, probably would tell myself … some boys are actually nice, good boys are
out there.
L: I need that advice right now, I’m a total pessimist.
B: Haha! And I would also tell myself not to get too stressed about uni and work.
L: What makes you laugh heaps… cats with lasers? orrr….
B: Daggy jokes, funny, lame dad jokes.
L: I’m a sucker for dad puns. So you have modeled for a few of different stores and
labels… where’s been the best place modelling has taken you?
B: I did this incredible shoot in Byron, where the house looked like something
straight out of Alice in Wonderland. The bathroom was carved from stone and
had fountain in the middle of it. It was crazy – house, gardens and pool were
L: Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite movies, I will have to check that
place out. Do you get much time for movies? Do you have a favourite movie?
B: I don’t watch a lot of films but I cant get past White Chicks, I am forever
quoting that ten years on.
L: Do you have a favourite quote?
B: “What a beautiful chocolate man”, I say that all the time when someone has a
beautiful tan. And Bridesmaids. That was a good one.
L: Yeah, when she’s in the car and the trying to get the police guys attention…
best scene!
B: Yes!
L: “Hey, whose driving that car?”
B: Haha, yep it’s a great movie.
L: What purchases have you made lately that you’re loving?
B: These black jeans I bought a month and a half ago, that I wear every second
day basically. And a black brief case with a long strap (satchel) I purchased in
Bali, I use it for uni. And sunglasses, they are my staple.
L: Are there any trends you are loving right now?
B: The boyfriend singlet is definitely featuring strongly in my wardrobe at the
moment. Can’t get enough of them.
L: Who inspires you?
B: My friends. They definitely inspire me. They are definitely the most
fashionable people I know and they are great at keeping me on track with trends
but also finding individual pieces too.

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