L-R: Nana Gold Bracelet, Stylestalker Frontin Maxi Dress, Bronze Stretch Bracelet, Cameo No Right Angles Dress, Curve Gold Cuff, One Teaspoon Siren Dinky Dress

Right now I am totally in love with mixing a feminine soft dress with edgy jewellery and dark colours. When a dress is a darker blue, purple or black, it immediately adds an element of seductiveness that just isn’t there in a light or pale coloured dress.
Some girls prefer to save their more sexy, seductive outfits for the night time but I say, bring it into the daytime! There is something so edgy about rocking a dark dress in the daytime. To keep the edgy, modern but casual vibe going, pair your dark dress with a shiny gold minimalist statement bracelet or jewellery that incorporates spikes. Just layer on simple but statement-making jewellery that says, “I’m pretty, but I’m a bad ass too” to keep your look from getting too glitzy.
The balance of feminine softness in the dress with the hard, clean edges of a bold but minimalist, edgy bracelet or necklace creates the perfect look for a girl ready to take on the world balancing her strength and beauty.
xx Moorea

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