Summer is the hot, sweaty armpit time of the year – especially if you are stuck in the city working or studying. The stress of a long day behind the desk or selling your wares in the pre-Christmas rush comes crashing down as you spill out onto the footpath and the heat and the humidity hit you in the face.

Our tips for cooling down? Take your fashion use from the place you’d rather be: Fiji, Maldives, the Amalfi Coast.
BB’s take:


1. Star Struck White Party Dress – perfect for lying on the white-hot sand and showing off that tan (if we ever have a sunny day!)
2. Staple Backless Mini Shirt Dress in Red – reminds us of beautiful Bouganvillea and hot tropical nights
3. Ox and Hammer Maneater Dress – not only do we love Ainslie and Sebastien (Ox and Hammer designers), but this dress is the perfect ocean blue to make you feel less like you’re fighting through the crowds at your local Westfield and more like you’re lying beachside in Fiji
4. One Teaspoon Night Daisy High Waist Underwire Bikini – wear the bikini top as a bra under your normal clothes for that slightly sandy feeling all day long!
x Kellie & Bianca

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