Weekend Ready

Everyone loves that Friday feeling, including us girls at Beginning Boutique. We live for the weekend and that’s why we’ve got a closet bursting with gorgeous get-up-and-go outfits and accessories that will take you from the beach, to the coffee shop, to the club without stopping.

This morning I raided the beautiful BB closet and raided pulled some of my favourite weekend looks featuring this season’s most coveted trends.

Summer is heating up fast, which means weekends at the beach filled with sun, surf and swimwear. Drooling over the stunning range of bikinis and onesies on the beachwear rack, I fell in love with the Mouille Sophia Bikini. The high waisted bottoms simply scream rockabilly pin-up girl, one of my favourite trends at the moment. The sheer detail on the top is the winner for me though – it can totally be translated from sophisticated beachwear chic, to festival grunge if teamed with a pair of denim shorts and ankle boots. Inject a hint of colour into this look with bright nails and boho bracelets.


Combining comfy, key pieces with the class of intricate detail is the key to creating casual daywear for every occasion. This is my dream look for a relaxed, Sunday session – the Free Spirit Mini Skirt and One Teaspoon Love Street tank.
The elegance of evening wear is summed up in the One Teaspoon Gold Rush dress. The delicately beaded bodice contrasted with cutesy little cocktail skirt means that this weekend you’ll be the Belle of the ball…or the bar for that matter!

Jessie xo

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