The Christmas Wish List





Christmas generally means deciding what coveted items we want wrapped under the Christmas tree. We are all guilty of not-so-subtly letting our loved ones know what we really desire (I’ve been guilty of leaving post-it notes in cereal boxes). Sometimes even the most obvious of hints are still ignored. But we at Beginning Boutique want to save you from the potential socks, body wash packs and book vouchers (yep, it has been done).

We’ve stumbled across Australian Jewellery label Aliss & Ena and have instantly made space for their pieces at the top of our Christmas MUST-list. And with a price point from $50-$100, these gems aren’t going to break your loved ones bank.

If you love the jewellery as much as we do, please let us know if you would like Beginning Boutique to stock Aliss & Ena.
And don’t forget to tell us your favourite piece.

Avoid disappointment this Christmas.

xx BB

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