RAFW Day 1

Excuse our informal writting style, but it’s been a long day!

Monday has been an interesting day with some highlights and lowlights. I feel cruel naming low lights (let’s just say part of RTW show 1) so let’s focus on the highlights!

Morning started with the mermaids of Seventh Wonderland. Hair slicked and beautiful. The style was all about their signature cut outs, more laced ups and the print dujour was hippie swirls. Overall the range was enchanting, music enticing but difficult to image on the beach. However, I have not seen the entire collection as yet.

Lucette was beautiful – a highlight of the day – with carefully placed plating, metallic detailing and harnesses. The outfits were hard to imagine translating to regular day-to-day wear as styled, but with creative flair you could have a wicked outfit in the making! So much chain, leather and stud detailing!

Uscari had a few great pieces think silk basics dressed up, cool leather detailing,
neutral colours and interesting head pieces. Story by Tang in the same show had rocking shoes by fairground. I have seen this entire collection previously, and was upset to see she had left out my favourite pieces! However, there was great blazer detailing and the amazing peach and
blue tiedye fabric looked ever-so soft! Carly Hunter – same show again – silk basics, polka dots and a burka made appearances. Really great debut – great detailling in the back of
the dresses.

Lastly Bec & Bridge tonight however that hasn’t been yet. Already I have been seeing their loyal army proudly wearing their pieces all around.

Key Trends: Neutrals (to the max – peaches to mud clays), attention to detail (chains, leather, studding) and bloggers everywhere (it’s not a fashion party without a gazillion street photographers!)

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