Valentines Day Options

Valentines Day

What to wear?

A day that we all love to hate, hate to love or just love to love. But what to wear if you are going out on a date, hating with your girlfriend on all the couples or taking it easy? You don’t want to be too overdressed, underdressed or uncomfortable so here’s some pointers on looking freakin’ fabulous!

Date Tips

1. Wear a dress: Ok for all the dress haters I know this can seem hard but it is your friend. We promise! Dresses can cover a myriad of Christmas sins still not removed and most of all they comfortable. The dress however we suggest is a little on the uncomfortable side but way up on the mega hot side.

1. Try the Bec & Bridge Backstrap dress: go a size up (it’s not you it’s the dress- remember that)

If that’s seriously not your cup of tea then here’s another sweet little option. Toy Solider Dress by Shona Joy. Ok we know its not guy material, (they won’t get the pattern or the shoulders) but this dress is sexy. It’s tight in all the right places and the pattern leads the eye away from the wrong places!

2. Shona Joy Toy Soliders Dress: Stay true to your size.

Friend Date Tips

1. You want to look stylish fantastic and overall better than all of those suckers on a date – right? Well you need to do it in style. So get your gorgeous little hands on a pair of Equestrian Jeans by Bec & Bridge and pair it up with a tight white singlet/ shirt and the cascade ruffle vest by Sumakhi.(Yes we have been harping on about these jeans but we love them – who can blame us!) This outfit is comfortable, cool and hot! You can see how Molly works it out in the pictures. Be a Valentines day hater in style!

3. Bec & Bridge Equestrian Jeans | Sumakhi Cascade Ruffle Vest | Sara Philips Ruffle Top

Just Chillin’ at the Holiday Inn Night

Get uber comfortable and put on The Devil Wear Prada, The September Issue, Gossip Girl season 2 and your are ready for your night. Dress code = lounge relaxation. So we think this is the perfect solution. One Teaspoon Wench Pants and Little Lady From Hoodie. Perfection.

4. One Teaspoon Wench Pants | Little Lady From Huggles Tank

Whatever you are doing make sure you are having fun! Send us your pic’s from your valentines day night –

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