AW 2010 Trends

Fabulous Beginning Boutique readers I am sure that you have done your fashion research. But to make sure you are up to date in your wardrobe let’s chat about this years Autumn Winter trends.

1. NO FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT MENTALITY: You can expect that half of your neighbourhood will be wearing some rip off of Bec & Bridge this winter as the cheap and fake versions come out. This doesn’t matter for us as we rock the real stuff but the main point is AVOID FAKE! It looks fake, feels fake and does not do anything like what the designer does. Make sure that you save up and invest. A good wardrobe can take you places, lots of clothes just makes you frustrated.

2. KNEE’S UP GIRLS! you need to be rocking the thigh high socks, these are not as tricky as they seem, make sure that if you feel uncomfortable about tube effects (or overhang at the top) you wear a skirt or shorts that cover the top of the stockings. They are the way of the AW2010 survior.

3. INVESTMENT IS YOUR FRIEND: Make sure that you have bought yourself one pair of particularly fabulous leggings/ jeans. Our recommendation are the equestrian jeans by Bec & Bridge. They are absolutely fantastic for styling as you can see our website has been styled in and out with them.

Just remember you get what you pay for and while it might seem fabulous when you get 50 tees for a $1 you have to think; how did they make these this cheap? Why do I need this many? What is the quality like? Who is loosing out in this?

You might find that your $1 tee is costing a whole lot of people much more than if you paid $50 and kept the tee for atleast 6 months. Just remember that quality is not necessarily more expensive but it generally is.

More Autumn Winter Tips soon! xx

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