Seven Shilling Clutch – Jade Michelle

Are you looking for your perfect party clutch? Then you don’t need to keep searching – Jade Michelle has your answer in the form of a cute bow!

This clutch is an amazing addition to any fashionistas wardrobe. The front of this gorgeous clutch is entirely sequined with blue/green black sequins. The top of the bow is fringed with lace.

The inside of this clutch is fully silk lined and only has one pocket – enough to fit your necessities for a night out. However you would need a little bag like a wallet to keep all your items together inside the clutch.

The clasp to close the bag is part of the bow which attaches to the back of the clutch. The back of the clutch is black silk.

Jade Michelle is a budding Australian designer. This collection was our favourite of theirs so far and this piece definitely one of the key statements. Luxurious without snobbishness and statement that goes beyond I got this from [insert store name here].

To buy this clutch now head to

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