Finding Designers

So the first question I had when starting a business was how do you get the clothes to go in the store?!  So I thought I might open the door to revelation in this area.  

First things first – decide the designers you want in the store.  Then you need to search their names and look at their collections.  Will this sell to your customer?  Will this be what you want your store to be made up of?  All important questions. 
Write down their phone number and email – call and email them asking who you can speak to about stocking their collection.  Know who you are, when you want to start stocking them and how much you can spend before you call them. 

The other thing you can do is find Fashion Agents in your area – they represent any number of designers which you can stock.  
Post your questions and I will answer!! I can help more specifically with agents in Brisbane.  
xx – we have a mega sale on at the moment $50.00 for 4 days on various items.

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