Finding the right design team

This blog is being morphed into a description of online retail and more of a how to do… ect. 

So the first thing I thought I would write about online retail is – Finding the right design team.  
Our pointers for you choosing your web developer and web designers – 
1. shop around, get a lot of quotes!  Find someone local and if possible someone just starting out in the developer and designer. 
2. read the google guide to SEO and find out more about this before you start building. 
3. decide what it is you want to have in your store and how it is going to be different.  Who is your customer and why will they buy from you?  
5. be stingy in the start with all you do.  You can live without the fancy apps but you have to have a great running site with good pictures and easy to use.  Buy less stock, less set up, less everything.  Your friends and family are your biggest asset make sure you are in contact with them about everything and see if there is some way you can tap into that market as well.  They have to shop with someone – why not you? 
6. Advertise the heck out of yourself online.  
Ok well that’s just a few tips – if you have any questions let me know and I can blog about that.  
We have some awesome new clothes on the site so check it out!  We are also having a massive sale on women’s clothing!

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